WC BandZ V2 | Black
WC BandZ V2 Protective Headband Cover For ATH M Series Headphones $ 18.95 USD

Compatibility: WC BandZ seamlessly fits the following headphone models: Audio Technica ATH M50X / M50XBT / M50 / M40X / M40 / M40FS / M30X / M30 / M20X / MSR7 No More Flakes: No longer let your head directly touch your worn down Audio Technica headphone headband. No one likes flakes crumbling off in their hair or on their head, cover your worn down headband with our WC BandZ for flake-free listening. Enhanced Comfort: WC BandZ additional layer of covering provides added comfort and an upgrade over your old flakey headband. Customize and Protect: Stand out with the coolest looking Audio Technica headphones around while protecting them at the same time with our Speed Racer, Black Camo, or Red Camo WC BandZ Headband Covers. If laying low is more your style you can always fall back on our traditional Black WC BandZ Headband Cover as well. Flawless Fit: Easy two-minute installation with our durable velcro fit, and our stretchable neoprene material. Simply follow the step by step instructions provided in the package, and you'll be done in no time.

Audeze Maxwell Headband for Xbox and PS5 | Black
WC HeadbandZ for Audeze Maxwell from $ 15.95 USD

Perfect Compatibility: Designed exclusively for Audeze Maxwell headphones, our replacement headband ensures seamless compatibility with both Xbox and Playstation/PC versions of Audeze Maxwell Headsets Style & Consistency: Mix and match with our earpad designs to create a personalized and cohesive look for your Audeze Maxwell headphones - customization made easy. Simple Installation: Swap your old headband in minutes with our easy-to-follow instruction manual, no special tools or expertise required. Built to Last: We designed our headband replacement for Audeze Maxwell headsets with the most durable attachment points to guarantee a secure connection to your headphones and with long-lasting durability. Complete Package: Our headband replacement kit comes with everything you need - 1 premium headband and a step-by-step instruction manual for a smooth upgrade experience.