WC HookZ | Pitch Black
WC HookZ - Over Ear Hooks for Airpods Pro 1, 2 & Airpods 1, 2, 3 from $ 15.95 USD

HookZ Secured Fit: One of the most common complaints with Airpods Earhooks, is that they push the Airpods out of your ears. WC HookZ Airpods Ear hooks were custom designed with our updated  sizes & improved ergonomic Angle that will better fit most ears. We now have two smaller sizes that were tested by our previous customers and are proven to fit better. Whether you have Airpods 1, 2, 3, or Airpods Pro 1 & 2, keep your Airpods securely in your ears no matter what you are doing. Improved Comfort: Unique rounded edges created with a soft Silicone material produce a comfortable listening experience, no matter the length of time you wear them. Extreme Durability: Made with extra tempered Silicone, WC HookZ retain their shape for use during the most rigorous exercises. WC HookZ retains its flexibility while remaining rigid enough to actually secure your Airpods in your ears. They will bend, but not break. WC Signature Style: Choose from a variety of wicked colors and designs, or your standard black or white. WC provides options for every personality to enjoy. Easy Installation: It only takes a few seconds to quickly and easily slide your Airpods into your WC HookZ. Use our provided simple instruction manual to quickly slip your WC HookZ on before you go for a run, bike, or play sports. Just as easily slide them off when you are finished with your activity, and return your Airpods to their charging case.