WC SweatZ Max | White
Apple Airpods Max Earpad Sweat Covers - WC SweatZ Max from $ 17.95 USD

Exclusively Designed for Apple AirPods Max: These silicone headphone earpad covers by Wicked Cushions are specifically designed to fit the Apple AirPods Max Over-ear Headphones perfectly, ensuring maximum protection without compromising sound quality or comfort. Ultimate Defense: WC SweatZ Earpad Covers slide on and off your existing AirPods Max headphone ear pads in seconds, keeping them supple and protected from sweat, moisture, and everyday wear. Worry-Free Workout: Say goodbye to stinky or damaged headphone earpads. Our headphone covers are extremely water and sweat-resistant, prolonging the life of your AirPods Max earpads. Rugged Durability: Made from premium silicone, WC SweatZ are stretchy and durable, providing lasting coverage against sweat and moisture that your headphone earpads can't handle. Machine Washable: After an intense workout, simply toss your WC SweatZ protective headphone covers in the laundry machine or hand wash them in moments, and they'll be ready for your next session.