Over The Ear Headphones: Their Benefits & How to Find The Best Ones

Over The Ear Headphones: Their Benefits & How to Find The Best Ones

There are 3 different sizes of headphones: full size headphones, over the ear headphones, and ear buds. They each offer their own unique benefits and the ones that work best for you will ultimately depend on your priorities and needs.

However, with that said, many people find that over the ear headphones offer the perfect blend of both worlds. They are perfect for a very wide range of purposes and needs. So in this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of over the ear headphones, take a look at some great examples of good models, and even talk about how you can make them even more comfortable!

The Benefits of Good Over The Ear Headphones

Each size is designed to fill certain needs and priorities. So it’s important to have a concrete understanding of exactly what you are looking for in your next pair headphones. With that in mind, over the ear headphones are great for a wide range of priorities. Here are a few of their benefits:

Man Wearing Over The Ear Headphones on Neck

Comfort - Full size headphones tend to pinch the edges of the ears and make them hot with extended use. On the other end of the spectrum, ear buds stuck inside your ears can be uncomfortable for some. Over the ear headphones offer the maximum comfort. They rest on top of your ears which means they don’t pinch down, they don’t make your ears hot, and they don’t lodge inside of your ears in an awkward way.

Sound isolation - A quality pair of over the ear headphones will provide a comparable level of sound isolation as full size headphones without the added discomfort that comes with it. And there is just really no comparison with ear buds which can only offer limited sound isolation. Beyond the natural sound isolation that they can provide, you can also find over the ear noise cancelling headphones for even more isolation!

Easy replacement - Replacing headphone cushions on a set of over the ear headphones is one of the easiest processes there is. We’ll talk more about that below.

Portability - Admittedly, they are not quite as portable as earbuds which can easily fit in your pocket (although we don’t recommend storing them there). However, they are definitely portable enough to use as your everyday headphones—unlike big, clunky full size headphones which will take up most of the space in your bag or get in the way if you just try to wear them around your neck.

Basically, this size blends the high quality of full size with the convenience of ear buds while being way more comfortable than both of them!

The Best Over The Ear Headphones

Now that you’ve seen some of the key advantages of getting over the ear headphones, let’s take a look at some examples of good over the ear headphones:


Bose has a wide selection of over the ear headphones that come with great headphone cushions that are super comfortable. Plus, they are completely replaceable so that if you want to upgrade that comfort and quality even further, you can easily do so (see below).

Man Listening to Music with Bose Over The Ear Headphones

We really like the range of noise cancelling headphones that Bose offers. They offer this technology at a few different price points (although the quality of the noise cancellation tech is better as you move up the price spectrum).


Beats are, hands down, the headphones to get if you want something stylish and cool but still comfortable and dependable. They also offer some noise cancellation models but they are probably better known for their over the ear wireless selection whereas Bose is probably the better brand to go with if you want noise cancellation.

New Beats Solo Headphones

Beats also deliver on bass so if you’re listening to a lot of hip hop, rap, or other bass heavy music, you’ll definitely want to look into Beat’s selection of over the ear headphones. Like Bose, it’s also very easy to replace the cushions on Beats over the ear headphones so you can upgrade comfort and quality at an affordable price.

Upgrading Over The Ear Headphones with Replacement Cushions

Whether your headphone cushions have worn out or the originals just aren’t as comfortable as you would like them to be, you don’t have to despair! Replacement headphone cushions are available for a wide range of models.

Pair of White Leather Ear Pads

Replacing your headphone cushions is a necessary part of basic headphone care. When they become old and worn, you should get new cushions to once again enjoy optimal comfort and sound quality.

But in some cases, the replacement headphone cushions can be even more comfortable and high quality than the originals that came with your headphones. Check out cushions made from memory foam, for example. This high end foam forms to the shape of your ear which allows it to provide amazing grip without pinching down on your ear in an uncomfortable way!

Replacing cushions is super affordable—especially compared to the price of buying a whole new set of headphones! It also happens to be extremely easy with the whole process taking no more than 5 or 10 minutes!

Final Word

As you can see, over the ear headphones are the best choice for a wide range of purposes. They are great everyday headphones and the higher end models can make for fantastic professional headphones.

Woman Wearing White Headphones

So no matter what your priorities are, it is definitely worth checking out some over the ear headphone options!