How to Replace Beats Studio 2/3 Wired & Wireless Ear Pads

How to Replace Beats Studio 2/3 Wired & Wireless Ear Pads

Today we are going to teach you how to replace your worn out Beats Studio 2.0 Cushions. These Cushions fit only Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless and Wired Headphones.

We will start with the USB port side first, the process will be the same for the left side.

 1. Detach the old cushion

         Grab a butter knife and start separating the cushion from the headphones. We must warn you  not to use anything sharper than a butter knife, it can damage your headphones as well as have the potential for injury

 2. Clean the remaining adhesive

         It is very important that you clean the remaining adhesive! If you have any remaining adhesive,there will be a weird gap in-between the headphones and the cushions. You can even use an alcohol wipe to remove the adhesive. The bottom line is, the cleaner the surface, the better the ear pads will stick!

 3. Grab your replacement right sidecushion

         You will see that the right side cushion is the cushion with a gap where the USB port should be. These are not ordinary cushions, they have an extremely strong and thick adhesive that is crucial for this process to work.

  4. Prepare the adhesive

         To make it easier for you to peel the adhesive, take a sharp knife and make a small cut on the surface. BEFORE you peel the adhesive, read the next step!

  5. Align the holes with the headphones dowels.

         There are two dowels on the headphone, on the top left and the bottom right. You can get a better understanding of how to apply the cushion to the headphones before peeling the adhesive.

  6. Peel the adhesive & attach the ear pads

         So take your ear pad and align the top dowel to the hole, push it in, and then align the bottom one. Apply pressure on the ear pads for a good minute that way you remove any gaps. If you have noticeable gaps, that means you have not aligned the cushion correctly and try again.

7. The last and most important step!

Apply constant pressure on the ear pads by taking a couple of books and putting the headphones on them in a way that applies the most pressure without bending the headphone headband to far.
We hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Check out the video below for a direct guide.