June 22, 2018 • Or Amzaleg 

How To Clean Beats Ear Pads 

If you have owned a pair of Beats By Dre for a while, you have probably asked yourself the following question:

How do I clean my beats headphones ear pads? 

Bad smell, stains, and stickiness are all side effects of not cleaning and taking care of your beats ear pads.

Fortunately for you, it is extremely easy.

What you will need: 

1) Clorox Disinfecting Wipes / Cottonelle ( or any other brand ) Baby wipes
-The use of regular alcohol wipes will cause the color on your ear pad leather to come off, we highly suggest that you do not use alcohol wipes.
Clorox wipes have been proved to both remove light smell and stains while keeping your ear pad color intact.

2) Simple cleaning cloth (The ones you can find for cleaning sunglasses) - Simply to wipe off the ear pad after you have cleaned it with the Clorox wipe

Some useful tips: 

1) If you workout, keep a couple of wipes with you in your gym bag, cleaning your ear pads right after the workout will dramatically increase their lifespan and prevent any bad odor.

2) Keep a cleaning cloth in your headphone case, if you forgot your Clorox wipes, a simple dry wipe of the ear pads after a sweat session will hold them off until you get home. Letting your sweat dry on your ear pads will dramatically accelerate their disintegration.

3) Always store your headphones in the case when you are done, the more they are exposed, the faster the leather on your ear pad will deteriorate.

I hope this guide will help you prevent any need of replacing your ear pads anytime soon.
However, if you do need to replace your ear pads, watch our guide here:
How to change beats ear pads
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