FAQ About Beats STUDIO & SOLO Earpad Replacement Process

FAQ About Beats STUDIO & SOLO Earpad Replacement Process

In the last couple of weeks , we have gathered the most frequent questions we receive from our customers about the installation method of our beats replacement ear pads. 

We hope that this post helps out , if there are any questions unanswered , feel free to contact us HERE

Question number 1

  • I removed the cushion , but it looks nothing like what you show in the video , what should I do?

If your ear cup looks like the photo underneath after removing the cushion , it means you have only removed the foam part of the cushion.

The plastic base of the ear pad still remains attached to the headphones in this example , and it is EXTREMELY important to remove it before applying the new ear pad.

If you install the ear pad on top of the old plastic base , it will cause a sound distortion and the ear pad will eventually fall off.


How do I remove the plastic base?

Gently shove a butterknife in between that piece of plastic and the headphone ear cup , do that from several angles until the plastic is easily removeable.

Question number 2

  • Which cushion is for the right side ?

The right side cushion will be easily recognizeable by its usb port cutout , on all of the beats STUDIO wired / wireless and SOLO  versions there is a usb port on the right side ear cup , this cushion was made to accommodate for it.


Question number 3

  • The right side ear pad fit perfectly , but the left side seems to have a gap , why is that?

Most likely , you have installed the left side ear pad upside down.

You can still remove the existing cushion gently , while trying to keep most of the adhesive on it , flip it and reinstall it.

To recognize the bottom of the ear pad , look for the seam that connects the leather, as shown in the photo underneath.