3 Health Effects of Wearing old Beats or Bose Ear Cushions

3 Health Effects of Wearing old Beats or Bose Ear Cushions
Do you have a trusted pair of Beats or Bose headphones that you’ve been wearing for several years? Perhaps you’re a gamer, and you like to keep your solid headset on you head at all times while sitting at your computer. Maybe you enjoy listening to music when you travel on airplanes for business trips. Have you asked yourself how long you’ve been wearing those headphones? Have you thought about the effects those old headphone cushions are having on your health? There are many reasons why replacing your headphone ear cushions may be a good idea. Here at Wicked Cushions, we want you to know why it’s important to replace your Bose or Beats ear pads often. These 3 health effects of wearing old ear pads/cushions can help you determine your next move.

1. Cracked Cushions Absorb Sweat

If you've had any old pair of headphones for a while, you’re familiar with the lifespan of an ear cushion. After heavy wear, the cushions will begin to crack and peel. This is not uncommon for upholstered fabrics - you may see the same thing happen to old office chairs, leather seats, and even couches. Have you ever thought about why this cracking and peeling occurs to your headphone cushions? Headphone ear pads absorb sweat. This moisture does not mix well with the fake leather or pleather material and after heavy use, it will begin to crack. The spongy material directly underneath the thin layer of leather acts very much like a sponge, absorbing any liquids and materials it touches. As the pad stays on your ear, it begins to absorb sweat directly from your body. The spongy material isn't meant to touch your skin, let alone your ear.

2. Old Headphone Ear Pads Begin to Smell

On the topic of sweating, cracked material isn't the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to old Bose and Beats headphones. If your headphones start to emit an unpleasant smell in any way, that may be an indicator that you need new headphone ear pads. The spongy material we mentioned before starts to develop a smell when to much sweat is absorbed. Sweat is one of the most potent forms of body odor, and by letting that seep into your cushiony ear pads, you are allowing it to fester. This can be detrimental to your health! The buildup of sweat can cause one major problem to develop on your ear pads — bacteria.

3. The Development of Bacteria on Old Ear Pads

Thats right, an excel amount of sweat and buildup of dirt on your headphone ear pads can cause the development of bacteria. This is terrible for your health as it can cause acne, irritation, and even infections if you really don’t get a handle on it. Think about how often you wear your Beats headphones while going for a run or workout or even just in general. Although you may not realize it, your ears tend to sweat very often, especially when trapped between ear pads with no air. This build up of bacteria continues to sit on your ear the more you use them. Owners of old headphones have reported the development of acne around their ears and upper jaw. This is due to the build up of bacteria on over ear headphones. The more bacteria festers the more it’s allowed to multiply. The standard cushions that come with over ear headphones are not made to last forever and should be replaced. So what next? You can prevent unexpected acne breakouts, unwanted irritations, and infections by remembering to replace your old Bose or Beats headphone ear pads with new cushions. Don’t let your wallet, your skin, or your general health suffer from keeping the same old ear cushions year after year.

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At Wicked Cushions, we know how important your headphones are to you. It’s hard to have an enjoyable workout, travel experience, or time in general without a solid pair of headphones to wear. This is why it’s important not only to replace your old Bose or Beats ear pads, but to learn how to take care of your ear pads for better — and healthier — long term use.

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Headphone Ear Pad Tips

Once you receive your replacement ear pads from Wicked Cushions, you can learn how to properly care for and maintain them. There are several methods you can employ to ensure that your headphones stay safe for use.

Employ proper storage

If you’re putting your headphones away, you can properly store them in a case. You don’t want them gathering extra dust or damaging material when they're not in use.

Don’t forget to clean them!

Cleaning your new Wicked Cushions ear pads can make a world of difference. You can prevent the spongy foam material from absorbing your sweat by wiping your headphones down after each use.

Keep replacing them

While you can take proper care of them, your headphone cushions wont last forever. Make sure to keep an extra pair of replacements with you to swap out as soon as your old pads begin to crack or smell.

Keep These Health Hazards at Bay

There are a wide array of benefits to having headphone replacement pads, but your health is the most important reason. Look our for the warning signs of an old or aging pair of headphones. If your one or Beats headphones begin to crack, smell, or heavily reduce in sound quality, don't wait to get them replaced! Wicked Cushions provides the Beats or Bose replacement ear pads you need to ensure that you are staying healthy while constantly receiving the best sound quality possible.