Nathaniel Baldwin, the person that invented headphones, did a huge favor to the world. We cannot begin to thank him and we now know that he never foresaw how far his invention would come, and all the people it would help.

A Man's Best Friend

Like dogs, headphones can be deemed as man’s best friend. They can prove to be handy no matter what sort of place you are in and no matter what sort of situation you find yourself in.

What We Do

We are a company that specializes in selling headphone accessories, mainly ear pads. Ear pads of the highest caliber and the maximum comfort.

However, there are different types of headphones that are found in the market. We always prefer the ones that are the most comfortable to our ears. We at Wicked Cushions are here at your disposal to provide you with the exact comfort that your ears deserve.

The Man Behind The Cushions

It was all the way back in 2010 that I(Or Amzaleg) first realized my love affair with headphones and their padded ear pillows. I was a young man(only 18 years old) and had a burning desire for my first pair of BEATS Studio headphones. However, at 18 it's hard to chalk up hundreds of dollars just like that. I learned that if i work hard enough anything becomes possible, and after some diligent nagging my parents agreed to purchase me a brand new pair of Beats Studio Headphones; it only took 1 year… (It would take a lot longer, and more work to bring Wicked Cushions to life, more on that later - no parents involved, I promise)

Fast forward another year. I loved my headphones, I worked out with them constantly only to find that my expensive headphone’s ear pads were cracking apart and smelled WICKED bad. I tried to find a way to fix the stinky broken mess, and stumbled onto a cheap pair of replacement ear pads on ebay. I purchased a pair of white pads for my black headphones in order to stand out while also fixing my stinky pads; this was my initial inspiration for making unique looking headphone combinations. After installing my new pads I was happy again, life was good. Keep in mind it’s still early 2011, and Wicked Cushions had yet to come.

Becoming Wicked

s now 2016, I found myself at a crossroads in life, unable to decide my future. A singular moment of opportunity came my way to learn a new business, I jumped on it. I dove into the world of ecommerce and learned a whole new skillset, however I still had no idea what to pursue. Ironically, as I completed my Ecommerce training I found my headphone ear pads stinky and broken again(too much lifting bro). It was like a message from above. Using my new education I found that the market for replacement ear pads was filled with cheap unsatisfying products, nothing with flair or style, nothing that stood out. Just like that Wicked Cushions was born, and my team and I haven't looked back since.

The Wicked Way

My mission at Wicked Cushions has always been to provide a solution to all my customers for something that we needed ourselves. That's why Wicked Cushions driving force is to always provide the best quality replacements, the coolest options, and the absolute best experience to our customers. I want our customers to trust their precious headphones lives with us, and we earn that trust through extensive testing, amazing installation support, the best sourced materials and of course, the best product line available. Wicked Cushions stands alone, backing our products with 365 days to fall in love guarantee, offering US based support(we are an LA based company), and offering direct access to our founder and Cushion pro - ME.

Feel free to contact me directly on instagram @wickedcushions, or by email at or@wickedcushions.com. The voice of our customers is our lifeblood, and I love to hear from all of you! As always, thank you for your support, and don't forget --Music Sounds Better When It’s Wicked.

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