WC Tipz | Pitch Black
WC TipZ - Memory Foam Ear Tips for Airpods (Pro) $ 19.95 USD

Secured Fit: WC TipZ Memory Foam Ear Tips for Airpods Pro were designed to securely fit in any sized ear. Every package comes with sizes Small, Medium, and Large perfect for even the most uniquely shaped ear canals. Improved Comfort: Throw away those uncomfortable silicone tips which cause constant ear pain. Upgrade yourself to ear conforming memory foam tips made by Wicked Cushions. Seal And Fit Test Verified: Enjoy better sound quality and noise isolation with these adaptable memory foam tips, which will ensure you pass the Airpods Pro Seal test every time. Charge With Confidence: WC TipZ Memory Foam Tips were designed to fit perfectly into the Airpods Pro Charging case. Never worry about dead earbuds again. Easy Installation: Replace your silicone ear tips with our upgraded memory foam tips in less than a minute by following our step by step instructions.