Why are my Bose headphone ear pads falling apart, and what should I do about it?


What else can be more attractive than having the perfect headphones that are comfy, and can deliver quality sound! Bose is certainly a brand which takes care of your comfort, while it ensures maintaining the audio quality too. Be it the headband, the earphones, weight, sound quality, noise cancellation or attractive design; Bose continues its norm of producing top-notch headphones that are just incredible regarding quality and solace. If you are a Bose headphone user, then you are lucky to enjoy the best audio experience with comfort. But eventually, changing your bose ear pads is inevitable .

Why Do I Experience Bose Headphone Ear Pads Falling Apart? What Should I Do?

Worn out bose qc15 ear pads

As Bose is always concerned with customer’s comfort, its products are designed to be just that ( that’s why they called their headphone line “ QuietCOMFORT” ) . It is quite usual to experience Bose headphone ear pads falling apart upon vigorous usage. Here, the question arises, why do they fall apart?

Well, the ear pads are indeed made from high grade faux leather and the cushion foam is extremely soft to ensure ear comfort. Usually, these ear pads are made from faux leather sheath enclosing a lavish cushioning to remain gentle on your ears. That’s why they tend to wear away frequently. So, what to do in such situations? Throwing away your expensive headphones is never a good idea!

To overcome this problem, at least with Bose headphones, you can easily replace the old ear pad cushions. This liberty to replace the damaged component is what makes Bose products stand out among others.

How To Replace Bose Ear Pads?

The best way to give your Bose headphones a new life is to replace the damaged ear pads. Changing the ear pads is an easy and cost effective method to keep enjoying top notch audio experience with your perfect headphones. Below is a video we made that will show you how to replace your bose ear cushions in less than 5 minutes .



If you are still have any questions , feel free to contact us HERE and we will guide you on how to change Bose ear pads.


 Where Can I Find The Ear Cushions?

The next issue which the users face after their headphones wear out is that they have no idea where to look for the replacement kits. It is certainly important to have those ear pad replacement kits that are comfortable and durable for long term use.

You can get the replacement cushions through various procedures.

  1. Get Original Bose Cushions

The first thing which you can do to revive your worn out headphones is to replace the ear pads with the original Bose cushions. They sell a wide variety of Bose headphone replacement part.

For this, you just need to log on to the Bose website and go to the headphone accessories section. You will find a range of Bose headphone ear cushion kits (such as Bose QC15 ear cushion kit). However, they may cost you $30 or more.

  1. Find The Replacement Ear Pad Cushions On Other Online Sellers

A convenient alternative source of getting headphones replacement cushion kits might be those giant online sellers. The websites like Amazon and eBay offer several ear pad replacement kits on relatively lower rates. However, the robustness of these products might not be guaranteed.

  1. Get High-Quality Replacement Cushions From Us

Another efficient method to get a durable Bose around ear headphones cushion kit is to visit our shop. Obviously , we are not an objective source to tell you how good our products are , but with our risk free guarantee you can try them for yourself and if you do not like them , we will simply refund your money 😊

we provide a range of Bose headphone cushion kits that are comfortable for your ears while listening to music, or any other sound. Our ear pad cushions are made from memory foam with an improved thickness to be softer for your ears.

Replace cushions on your bose headphones TODAY 

Below is a result from one of our customers :

Bose qc15 ear pads

Summing Up

Regardless of which headphones you are using, they all are vulnerable to damages. Bose is certainly one of the best brands, providing superior quality headphones to us. Still, its ear pads are also exposed to wear and tear. Nevertheless, replacing the ear pad cushions is a cheap and quick way to keep using your headphones for long.


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    Lisa Warkenthien
  • Is there a way to find the model of my Bose quite comfort earphones. I need new ear pads . I ordered a set which turned out to be too big

  • I have a Bose TP-1A; which i never really used and wondering if you have anything compatible to replace ear cushion?

  • I have Bose model TP-1 headphones. Do you have replacement ear cushions?

    Chris Morris
  • Apart from the ear cushions, my bose headphones’ strap which goes over the head has also detoriated….
    How can I fix that?
    Also I wanted to know from where can I buy the ear cushions from your site??

    Keshav Nagpal

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