September 19, 2017 • Or Amzaleg 

Why are my Bose headphone ear pads falling apart, and what should I do about it? 

What's more exciting than having smooth sound and amazing long lasting comfort every time you slip your headphones on? 

Bose has made a name for itself in the premium headphone industry; always creating products with an amazing balance of exceptional comfort, while maintaining high level sound quality. Be it the headband, the earphones, weight, noise cancellation, or attractive design (looking at you BOSE 700 🔥); Bose headphones are consistently top-notch. If you are a Bose headphone user, then you are lucky to enjoy one of the best audio experiences around, however no matter how well you take care of your Bose Headphones, your ear cushions will fall apart.

So, why do your Bose Ear Pads fall apart? 

It's clear Bose was thinking of your comfort(Quiet Comfort anyone?) when they designed the QC series of headphones, but as with anything in life, vigorous or extended usage will breakdown even the most well made products over time. Your Bose QuietComfort headphones are no different. Don't feel alone, lots of people experience the same phenomenon, and I'm going to give you a short explanation on why this happens...

Bose original Ear Pads, and our Bose Replacement Ear Pads, are made of faux leather surrounding a core of memory foam, held together by stitching, glue, and some small plastic. Over time and through use, the bacteria in your skins oil/sweat will slowly seep into the faux lather parts of the headphone, namely the ear pads. This causes the breakdown that you are likely experiencing; cracking, chipping, flaking, and bacterial smell which can be extremely unpleasant. You can clean your Bose headphone earpads regularly to put off the eventual breakdown(check out this guide to clean them properly), but you cant prevent it entirely. Eventually you will have to find some Bose replacement ear pads.

No one enjoys when their Bose Quietcomfort Headphones look like this...

What can you do about your worn out Bose Ear Pads?
Well, your in luck... 

Bose, when designing their Quietcomfort headphone lineup, made the amazing decision to keep their earpads insanely easy to replace. Im not kidding, its so simple basically anyone(👴👵👩‍🦳👨‍🦲🧒👶) can do it.

For a fraction of the price of new Bose headphones you can simply buy a pair of Wicked Cushions Bose Replacement Ear Pads and replace them yourself. Simply follow our simple video walk-through and your Bose headphones will feel brand new in minutes.

The video above applies to the following Bose headphone models: QC15, QC25, QC35, QC2 , AE2i, AE2, AE2W, Soundtrue(Over-Ear), Soundlink(Over-Ear)

Lets wrap it up 

Regardless of the model of headphones you use, they are all vulnerable to damage. Bose is certainly one of the best brands, providing superior quality headphones. Still, Bose ear pads are also vulnerable to wear and tear. Nevertheless, replacing the ear pad cushions is a cheap and quick way to keep your headphones comfortable and nice looking years into your purchase.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us HERE and we will guide you on how to change Bose ear pads.