How To Replace Your Sony MDR 7506 Ear Pads

How To Replace Your Sony MDR 7506 Ear Pads
Today we are going to teach you how to replace your Sony MDR-7506 headphone cushions.

1. Pull out the ear pad

The Sony MDR 7506 requires a very simple disassembly and assembly of your new cushions. To start out, simply pull out the ear pad from the plastic gap. 


2. Notice the gap

Notice the gap where the sony mdr 7506 ear cushion was connected to your headphones. This is where you will need to insert the new cushion lip.

3. Insert the ear pad

Pull out your leather Sony MDR 7506 ear pads from Wicked Cushions. Now all you have to do is insert the ear pad lip inside the top of the ear cup.

4. Move around the ear cup

Move around the ear cup to fully insert the cushion lip.

5. Attach the ear cushion

Insert your finger inside the cushion to have a better grip of pulling the lip. It is very flexible and will not rip if you apply the necessary amount of pressure to pull it over the gap in the ear cup. Once you have attached the cushion, that is it! Your headphones are as good as new!
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