March 19, 2020 • Adam @ Wicked Cushions

How To Replace ATH M50X Ear Pads 

For years people have been throwing money at new headphones when their current ear pads wear out, that ends today. 

Replacing your ATH M50X ear pads takes less than 10 minutes, and can save you 130$ or more... That’s a boatload of 💰.

Not only will you save $$$$ by using Wicked Cushions ATH M50X replacement ear pads, the comfort and sound of your headphones will improve. We made the inner ear cup larger and the pads thicker, so your ears won’t hurt after long use; with the added benefit of improving sound isolation.

For added benefit, our ATH M50X replacement ear pads fit many other headphone models, we will include a complete list at the bottom of the page.

Lets Walk Through Replacing Your Ear Pads Together:

Part 1: Shedding your old skin 🐍 

Remove your old ear pads by using your index finger inside the ear cup and your thumb on the outside. Gently pull to the opposite side. The earpad flap will slide out of a small gap in the plastic cup as you work your way around the ear cup. Do the same for both sides of the headphones.

Mind the flap 📩! 

The way ATH M50x replacement ear pads are held in place is through a small gap in the plastic cup where the flap of the ear pads slide into. Make sure you see it clearly before moving to the next step!

Dress to Impress 🤩! 

It's time to install your ATH M50X replacement Ear pads. Insert the flap of the ear pad into the gap on the plastic ear cup starting from the top. Hold onto the piece inside with your free index finger, keeping pressure so the flap stays in place. As you hold the flap in place, stretch the ear pad around the rest of the cup, you’ll see that the rest of the flap is going to naturally follow by sliding into the gap. Once you finish, go around the entire ear cup and make sure it’s in place securely all the way around. That’s it! Just repeat this process for the other earcup, and there you have it, basically a brand spanking new pair of headphones!

Full Video: How to Replace Your ATH M50X Ear Pads

If the steps above are unclear without seeing a full demonstration, you're in luck!

Check out the video we made for detailed step by step instructions.