June 03, 2020 - Adam @ Wicked Cushions

How To Identify Fake Beats Headphones

Maybe your best friend gifted you their old pair of sweet Beats headphones, or perhaps you even went online and bought some used Beats. Have you ever bothered to check if they were the real deal? Lately more and more people are finding themselves taken advantage of, thinking they have authentic Beats headphones, when they really ended up with fake Beats...

Its time you learned how to identify if you have fake Beats...

Listen, no one wants to feel like they have been taken advantage of, and in the age of the internet, its easier than ever to find yourself duped. At the same time, its easier than ever to protect yourself, and learn to verify if the products you purchase are cheap knockoffs, or the real thing.

If you bought your Beats headphones from an authentic retailer, or directly from Beats, you have nothing to worry about. But if you got your pair of Beats headphones somewhere else(want to learn how we buy our headphones for up to 50% off retail prices in almost new condition? click here!), I'm going to show you how to check you have the real deal.

Special mention for everyone - if you bought your beats for 11$ on the WISH app, dont bother checking, they are FAKE! Dont be taken advantage of, we dont think it needs to be said, but we will say it anyways:


Alright - now lets get to it!

Option 1 - Using an iOS device📱:

If you have an iOS device - checking if you have fake Beats headphones is a breeze...

As long as your iOS device has iOS 10 or above, when you attempt to pair your headphones with your device, you should see the image to your right.(below if on mobile)

If you see the connect window popup automatically, you are good to go. Your Beats Solo or Beats Studio are LEGIT!

If you dont see this handsome man when connecting your beats, dont worry. They are most likely still authentic.

This popup should show up from the bottom right of your pc - in the taskbar. You can also click the icon for the Beats Updater app in your taskbar to check.

Option 2 - Using a computer with the Beats Updater App 💻

For those of you who dont have iOS devices, or are simply more comfortable with using a PC to check, you can do that as well!
Start by downloading the Beats Updater app using this link: Click Here!
Once you finish installing the Beats Updater app, connect your Beats headphones to your PC using an ORIGINAL Beats USB cable(if you need one, we recommend this: USB CABLE). In our experience 3rd party USB cables simply dont work.

So, if your beats are original, upon connecting your headphones to your PC you should see a popup from the Beats Updater app immediately. This only works for Authentic Beats headphones.

Simple right?

Full Video: How to check if your Beats Headphones are Fake

If the steps above are unclear without seeing a full demonstration, you're in luck!

Check out the video we made for detailed step by step instructions.

Everybody, its a tough world out there, and its easy to be duped. Do your best to protect yourself and make sure you check if your Beats headphones are fake! Also - another reminder - dont buy 10$ beats and expect them to be real!

Hope this post was helpful, feel free to contact us anytime for questions or advice!