How To Change Beats Ear Pads?


If you have owned a pair of Beats By Dre like me for at least a year or so , you have probably asked yourself the next question:

How the hell do I replace those ear pads on my Beats? 

Whether it be smell,flaking or a complete cushion breakdown, it is not uncommon to get to a point where you want to replace your ear pads.

While beats tend to be an extremely comfortable pair of headphones, that comfort comes with a price.

The ear pads from Beats By Dre were not made to last, they were made to enhance bass and comfort. 

They will eventually fail, especially if you work out with them.  

Yes, even though 99% of the beats by dre ambassadors are world-class athletes,it is a surprise to some that these headphones were not made for working out.

While it is HIGHLY uncommon for them to become electronically unfunctional due to sweat, it is highly predictable that the first part to give out is - the Earpad.

So, how do you replace ear pads on Beats By Dre?

First, which beats by dre model do you have? 
The most common one's are the Beats Studio ( OVER-EAR ) and the Beats Solo (ON-EAR) , so we will focus on them today.

Beats Studio Ear Cushion Replacement:

Watch the following video until the end ( a very important step is shown at 2:12 ) 


You can find replacements for Beats Studio Wired, Wireless, Studio2 and Studio 3 right here:



 Beats Solo Ear Cushion Replacement: 

TIP: If a cloth is still attached to the headphones after you have removed your ear pads, it means that you did not remove them completely. The plastic base is still attached and should be removed aswell.

You can find replacements for Beats Solo Wireless 2 & Solo Wireless 3 right here:



And that's it, hopefully, this will help you save a couple of bucks on going through Apple to get your headphones replaced.

If you still have any questions, you can always count on us to help you out. Simply reach out to and we will answer as soon as possible.


Want to take better care of your ear pads? watch our guide here : How to clean beats ear pads



  • What I need to do if I dug knife blade to deep and pulled out the piece that had the Dow’s in it? Can I glue it back with superglue?

  • Is it possible to connect beats solo2 cushions onto beats solo3? Are they like different things?


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