April 09, 2018 • or amzaleg 

Beats By Dre - The easiest parts to replace. 

Beats by Dre are some of the most popular headphones around! Not only do they sound amazing but they’re also a fashion accessory, often seen on the heads of world class athletes and hanging from the necks of some of the biggest celebrities on Earth. But with all of the hype and popularity, exaggerated prices are bound to be a problem. The biggest flaw, by far, of the Beats Solo, Beats Studio and Beats Studio wireless headphones are the super-inflated cost of having Apple, the original manufacturer, repair the units when a part inevitably fails.

Many owners of the Beats Studio and Solo headphones are unaware of how easily and affordably they can replace these failing parts themselves. Because of this, we decided to put together a rundown of the easily replaceable parts that any person can change by themselves, with no special need for technical skills or experience.

The Headband 

 The headband holds the headphones together, giving it that unique Beats by Dre look. The most common issues with the headbands are cracking and even breaking completely. From our experience, a fix at the Apple store will cost you somewhere around $140!

Don’t rush to throw your cash at Apple straight away! Check out this video first:

The Ear Pads 

How can we talk replacement parts without mentioning the special sauce? Of course! It’s the infamous ear pads! Although these ear pads are beloved by us all, they are the most common part to break down first. Luckily, they’re the EASIEST to replace as well. From previous customer reviews, we’ve learned that a trip to the Apple store for Beats Studio wireless ear pads Beats headphone cushion replacements will cost you anywhere from $120-$170 for a fix! Yikes!

Why should you pay the highest cost of repair for the easiest to replace part on your headphones? Check out this video before you waste YOUR hard earned cash on Beats Solo or Beats Studio replacement ear pads:

Beats Studio Ear Cushion Replacement

The Headband’s Rubber Cushion 

 The headband’s rubber cushion tends to build up a funky smell after a while and sometimes it may even begin to open up with a small tear. Luckily enough, this is an easily replaceable part as well!

Whether you need to replace your rubber cushion because of wear and tear or because you simply want to customize your headphones with our future custom printed headbands, you can easily perform this part swap.

Watch this video to learn how:


As you can see, many of the most commonly failing parts on Beats by Dre headphones can be replaced easily and affordably. Whether you need to replace your Beats Solo or Beats Studio ear pads, headband or rubber cushion, affordable parts and know-how are out there. So save some money and continue enjoying your awesome headphones for years to come!