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Beats Ear Cushions

Do you need new beats ear cushions?

Beats Ear CushionsYour headphone ear cushions are two of the most vital components of your headphones. They play a very integral part in the comfort of the headphones and the quality of the sound booming from their speakers. When you put on your expensive Beats headphones you expect to be in solitude and concentration on the music you're listening to. But if your cushions are old, cracked, and out of date, then wearing your headphones might seem more like a task than a desire. With Wicked Cushions premium leather headphone ear pad replacements, your life will change and you can enjoy wearing your headphones again. Don't stand idly by and think that your headphones will just need to be replaced, instead, check out our ear cushions and make the affordable choice!

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Benefits of our Beats ear cushions

Old ear cushions can really cause you to loose hope in your expensive Beats headphones. Below are just a few of many benefits to replacing your old, worn out beats headphone cushions with fresh new beats ear cushions.

  • Enjoy premium leather cushions. 
  • Reduce the risk of cracked cushions.
  • Improve music sound quality. 
  • Reduce sliding of your headphones.
  • Reduce the risk of unpleasant odor. 
  • Prevent flattened cushions.

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How to replace your Beats Ear Cushions video guide