Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Freeze Earpads | Black
Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Earpads - WC FreeZe Cooling Gel from $ 29.95 USD

Feel the FreeZe: Advance your gaming sessions with WC FreeZe cooling gel ear pads made especially for Turtle Beach Stealth Pro for Xbox and PlayStation. Dual Layer cooling gel (interior layer, top layer) paired with a breathable concoction of sports fabric and leather provides continuous coolness and relaxation. Exact Compatibility: These earpads have been custom-built for Turtle Beach Stealth Pro for Xbox and PlayStation ONLY. Secure an unparalleled fit and heightened comfort by opting for earpads designed meticulously for your Turtle Beach headset. Supreme Comfort and Thickness: When compared to the stock earpads, our WC FreeZe Stealth Pro earpads offer greater thickness, allowing more room inside the ear cup to prevent interference with internal components. Premium PU leather combined with highly breathable sports fabric guarantees sustained, wear-resistant comfort, ideal for lengthy gaming marathons. Optimized Sound: Don’t let old or damaged ear cushions affect your headset's performance. Boasting Dual Layer cooling gel and enhanced memory foam, these earpads mold to your ear, eliminating unwanted noise and intensifying sound clarity for a matchless gaming audio environment. Effortless Installation: Use our step by step to steer you through the process of discarding your old ear pads and installing your new WC FreeZe Stealth Pro Earpads, ensuring a streamlined and stress-free swap.