WC Silicone HeadbandZ for Arctis Nova | Black
WC Silicone HeadbandZ for Arctis Nova Headsets $ 17.95 USD

Perfect Compatibility: Exclusively crafted for Arctis Nova headphones, our silicone headband assures seamless compatibility with Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Playstation, Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox, Arctis Nova Pro Wired, Arctis Nova Pro for Xbox, Arctis Nova 7/7X/7P Wireless, Arctis Nova 3, Arctis Nova 1/1P/1X headphones. Style & Consistency: Pair with our earpad designs to create a personalized and cohesive appearance for your Arctis Nova headphones - customization simplified. Simple Installation: Replace your old headband within minutes using our straightforward instruction manual, no special tools or skills needed. Supreme Comfort: Constructed with a flexible silicone that adapts to your head's shape, our Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headband replacement delivers unbeatable comfort for extended listening sessions. Built to Last: Crafted with a high-quality silicone material, WC HeadbandZ Nova promises flexibility without compromising on durability, ensuring long-lasting comfort and fit. Complete Package: Our headband replacement kit includes everything you need - 1 premium headband and a detailed instruction manual for a hassle-free upgrade process.