Logitech G933 / G935 FreeZe | Black
Logitech G933 / G935 & More Earpads - WC FreeZe Cooling Gel from $ 25.95 USD

Experience the FreeZe: Enhance your gaming session with WC FreeZe cooling gel ear pads, exclusively crafted for Logitech G Series headsets. The Dual Layer cooling gel ensures prolonged comfort and coolness during marathon gaming sessions. Tailored Compatibility: Designed specifically for the Logitech G Series, these Cooling Gel Earpads are compatible: Logitech G35 G930 G933 G933S G935 G633 G633S G635 G533 G430 G431 G432 G433 G332 G230 G231 G233 Headphones. Ultimate Comfort and Thickness: Offering greater thickness than standard earpads, these provide added room inside the ear cup, ensuring no contact with internal elements. Premium materials promise consistent, wear-resistant comfort. Sound Enhancement: Don't let aging ear cushions compromise your sound. The dual-layer gel and memory foam adapt to your ear, filtering out distractions and enhancing audio for an unparalleled gaming experience. Installation Made Easy: With our detailed video guide, swapping out your old ear pads for the new WC FreeZe G935 / G933 Earpads is a breeze.