WC FreeZe DT770 | Black
WC FreeZe DT770 - Cooling Gel Ear Pads for Beyerdynamic Headphones from $ 22.95 USD

Easy Installation: Smooth installation with this complete replacement ear cushions kit compatible with Beyerdynamic DT Series and MMX300 headphones. No special tools are needed and the package includes a step-by-step guide for you to follow along. Cooler for Longer with Uncompromised Comfort: Experience the perfect fusion of cooling gel and a premium sports fabric on our DT770 FreeZe Earpads, designed to keep your ears cool and comfortable during extended listening sessions while maintaining the breathable and durable qualities of a sports fabric exterior. Elevate your audio experience and stay chill, no matter how long you jam to your favorite beats. Enhanced Sound: Old, beat-up ear cushions negatively affect the sound performance of your headphones? These earpads for Beyerdynamic DT Series and MMX300 Over Ear Headphones comfortably conform to your ear, blocking out noise and dialing in the sound, so you can drift off into the beats. Rugged Durability: The inside seams on this replacement ear cushion kit for Beyerdynamic DT Series and MMX300 Headphones are made with added stitching reinforced with glue, to prevent your cushions from splitting and increase their lifespan. Fits Like A Glove: These ear pads, made by Wicked Cushions, fit the following models of Beyerdynamic Headphones only: DT770/DT770 Pro/DT880/DT880 Pro/DT990/DT990 Pro/DT440/DT550/DT790/DT797/DT831/DT860/DT1770 Pro/DT1990 Pro/T70/T90/T5P/MMX300/TYGR 300R/HS200/HS400/HS800/RSX700/T1 2nd Gen Headphones.