WC SweatZ Studio Pro | Black
Beats Studio Pro Earpad Sweat Covers - WC SweatZ Studio Pro from $ 22.95 USD

These Earpad Sweat Covers only fit the new Beats Studio Pro Headphones. They will not fit any other Beats Studio or Beats Solo Models. Ultimate Defense: There has never been an easier way to keep your headphone earpads supple. WC SweatZ Earpad Covers slide on and off your existing headphone ear pads in seconds, without losing sound quality or comfort. Worry-Free Workout: Never worry about stinky or broken down headphone earpads again. Our headphone covers are extremely water and sweat resistant. Your ear pads could last a lot longer with WC SweatZ help. Rugged Durability: WC SweatZ are made from premium silicone, and designed to withstand the sweat and moisture your headphone ear pads can. WC SweatZ are insanely stretchy and durable, providing lasting coverage. Machine Washable: Finished an intense workout? Toss your WC SweatZ protective headphone covers in your laundry machine without any worries. SweatZ can also be hand washed in moments and ready for whatever you can throw at them next.

Beats Studio PRO | Black
Beats Studio Pro Earpads by Wicked Cushions from $ 21.95 USD

Perfect Fit for Beats Studio Pro: Wicked Cushions specializes in precision-crafted ear pads, ensuring a perfect fit exclusively for Beats Studio Pro headphones. These pads are not compatible with other Beats models like Beats Studio, Beats Solo Pro or Beats Solo. Hassle-Free Installation: Enjoy a quick, tool-free installation process with our comprehensive video guide and instruction manual. Each ear pad comes with industrial-strength adhesive for a secure, lasting bond. Superior Durability: Our replacement ear pads for Beats Studio Pro are crafted for extra durability with high quality PU Leather and dense memory foam.. Cushioned Luxury with Enhanced Thickness: Our ear pads boast extra thick memory foam, offering a roomy, comfortable fit and durable shape retention. Enjoy lasting comfort without the worry of flattened cushions or smashed ears, enhancing your listening experience. Sound Quality Enhancement: Worn-out ear cushions can impair your headphones' sound performance. These replacement ear pads ensure optimal noise isolation and a precise sound experience, immersing you in your music.