The History of Audio-Technica and Their Success

The History of Audio-Technica and Their Success

A group of dedicated companies devoted to revolutionizing the audio industry

Started up in 1962, Audio-Technica is a group of innovative thinkers in the audio industry, dedicated to designing, manufacturing, promoting, and re-defining revolutionary sound hardware. At first known for cutting edge phonograph cartridges, Audio-Technica has come a long way and now makes elite receivers, headphones, remote frameworks, and many electronic items for you as an every day consumer, and audio expert use.


Winner of many industry innovation awards

As the victor of various industry grants, Audio-Technica creates products that set quality, strength and true value guidelines for live sound tours, broadcast and recording studios, corporate and government offices, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Audio-Technica headphones are designed for many industries and government establishments. For example, the U.S. House of Representatives and even for significant broadcast music occasions, including the GRAMMY® Awards and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.


Solutions that provide a superior listening experience

Audio-Technica products have provided seamless audio coverage and technical support in U.S. presidential debates since 1988. Audio-Technica mics also deliver versatile solutions at high-profile sports broadcasts, including World Cup Soccer, the Super Bowl, and the Commonwealth Games, as well as the Summer Games. In addition to offering an extensive variety of items under its own brand, Audio-Technica is the main OEM provider of sound transducers, optical sensors and an array of forte gadgets. Audio-Technica advertises and disseminates A-T items all through the Western Hemisphere. With other working organizations in Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Audio-Technica today is a worldwide pioneer in its field, focused on giving predominant execution and excellent incentive for clients around the globe.


From purely corporate to every day consumer

Audio Technica is suddenly becoming widely noticed by even the everyday consumer, not just big corporations and events. They recently reinvented the definition of the wireless headphone with the new Audio-Technica DSR9BT.

They have been in operation from 1962 when Hideo Matsushita established Audio-Technica Corporation in Tokyo’s Shinjuku-ku. The company is continually growing and improving its products, receiving all kinds of quality awards for their superior hardware design, durability, price and more! Audio-Technica's success is primarily due to thinking of the user first, thinking of you, and how you listen to music, and what truly innovative headphones should be priced to keep the consumers attention while at the same time providing the best listening experience possible.

Audio-Technica has been designing and developing some of the most innovative services and products for over half a century. They have recently won two awards for their quality for the price and are continually developing new products for the ever increasing demand. Both you and the industry leading professional can enjoy the strength, durability, and overall sound quality of Audio Technical headphones.