The Evolution of the Sony MDR Headphone Series

The Evolution of the Sony MDR Headphone Series

The Early MDR-V6

The Sony MDR-V6 was first unveiled in 1985 and immediately the product boomed. The headphones became very popular with sound engineers, producers and DJ's. These headphones were so popular because of the jaw dropping sound they yielded as well as their versatility. They easily folded for travel In 1987 an industry Journalist, Daniel Kumin wrote, "Throw away your loudspeakers! There is now what may be the most perfect transducer yet made by man." Consumer reports two years later. "there seems little reason to look beyond the check-rated Sony MDR-V6. That model combines the highest accuracy we've measured in headphones, comfortable design, moderate weight, and enviable bass reproduction." In 1993, the headphones were noted as industry standard for film and television production. As the years went by, Sony continued to release better designs and produce higher quality sound, most notably, the Sony MDR-7506 and MDR-V600. By 2003, the MDR headphones were so well known that Electronic Musician magazine, recommended the headphones with a "fold-up design", and called the MDR-V6 "venerable".

MDR-V600 for the avid DJ

In 1993, the MDR-V600 was initially created to please DJs who wanted a greater emphasis on bass. In order to aid DJs in starting songs with the ear cup covering one ear, the MDR-V600's ear-cups can be swiveled around backwards.

MDR-7506 for the Audio Professionals

In 1991, Sony created the MDR-7506, these were design and promoted for audio professionals. The MDR line had to carry on and to promote a higher end headphone for the professionals, this model proved to be one of the most innovative headphones created. Both the MDR-V6 and the MDR-7506 models shared the same part number for their driver but the magnet inside the driver was known to change periodically. (the driver unit is the unit inside a headphone that converts the electrical signal into sound. Think of it as a tiny loud speaker in your headphone. A driver unit is made of a magnet, voice coils and a diaphragm) In 1997, EQ Magazine wrote, "Most people will use Sony MDR-V6 or similar headphones, such as the professional version Sony MDR-7506 or Koss Pro-4A. These Sony headphones have a reputation for loud sound and for blocking out at least some outside noise. A 2001 Web Audio Book listed the MDR-7506 as "the industry favorite."

Sony's MDR-7500 series headphone line expands

Sony's MDR-7500 series headphones are engineered for superb audio quality, strength, and comfort. Sony has released many new headphones since its initial creation in 1985 and the MDR-500 series now yields a 7 model line of excellent headphones. Sony's Highest Level Headphone: the MDR-7520 As Sony's highest level professional headphone, the 7520 is designed for high end applications and audio development. The 7520 integrates newly developed, high quality and comfortable ear pads with a cushion material that forms to the shape of your ear, resulting in an unbeatable experience.
  • Here are just a few more highlights:
  • 50mm Driver Unit with LCP Diaphragm
  • Closed-Ear Design
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • High Power Handling Capacity 4,000mW
  • Stereo Unimatch Plug
  • Gold Connectors and OFC Cord
  • Supplied Soft Case

From the Past to Now

The Sony MDR headphones have come a long way since it's initial creation in 1985, the middle of the legendary decade of music. From it's release over 30 years ago to now, the Sony MDR series has maintained its impeccable reputation and we expect it will for years to come.