The Audio-Technica M-Series

The Audio-Technica M-Series

Online reviewers, top audio professionals and dedicated fans have agreed for a long time that the Audio Technica ATH series of headphones is unmatched in every single department for the price and even without the price mentioned, they are flat out an amazing pair of headphones for all of you music lovers out there.


Their combination of audio build quality, inside components, design, versatility, durability and overall quality whether you’re a professional musician or just another average joe on the go.


The ATH series deliver professional, accurate and long lasting comfort, perfect for long sessions in the studio or on the go. Contoured earcups seal tight for excellent sound isolation, with minimal bleed. Pro-grade materials are long lasting and strong, yet comfortable and exceptionally light.


These headphones offer superior clarity throughout an extended frequency range, from the deep accurate bass to the high pitched frequency. It reps response 90 degree swiveling earcups for easy one-ear monitoring and detachable cables.


The Flagship , ATH-M50X


When talking about the ATH M Series , one particular models stands out , the M50X .

At 149$ , it competes directly with the Beats Studio wirelsss and the Bose QC25 / 35’s of the world .

Keep in mind , Both their competition is DOUBLE in price , and they are still able to compete with them in terms of quality and popularity , which is mind blowing to say at least .


The Audio-Technica ATH-M50X are built as a large bulky over-ear headphone , somehow without emphasizing too much on the design ( unlike beats by dre ) they pull of their unique looks which in our opinion is one of the best looking headphones out there .



The biggest difference between the m50 and the m50x is that with the x you can detach the cable whereas with normal m50 , you had to deal with what you got .


Another cool feature about the detachable cable is that there are some companies out there that have made a bluetooth adapter which transforms your M50X to a wireless headphone .


We don’t know about you , but the only thing that bothered us about that model was that it had no wireless features !

The Ear Pads

One thing that Audio-Technica could not make right , was the ear pads ( and we don’t blame them , they are not the only one’s )

While comfortable , the pads are not thick enough and deep enough to create that perfect sound isolation from the surrounding , which is quite disappointing.


We have been working on a custom pair of ear pads specifically for the Audio-technica M series headphones for quite some time , and we can’t wait to show it to you once its done 😊



There really is no other way to put into words how amazing these headphones are, you just have to try a set out for yourself. They top many many other huge brands on the market such as Beats, Bose and Sony, and are used by professionals who make those awesome songs you listen to every single day.


For anyone, professional musician, audio reviewer, or just your average person these headphones are definitely worth a purchase. They are very affordable, comfortable and easy to use.

Check them out on their website.