Bose vs Beats – The Ultimate Faceoff

Bose vs Beats – The Ultimate Faceoff

As soon as you start shopping around for a new pair of headphones, two brands that are you going to come across a lot are Beats and Bose. They are two of the leading brands right now and are very popular among people who are passionate about having the best in sound quality, comfort, and functionality.

While they are both great brands, there are some important differences that will be important as you make your final decision. It’s always a good idea to take the time to sit down and think about exactly what your needs and priorities are in a pair of headphones because there is no single pair of headphones that can do everything.

Pair of Bose And Beats Headphones

To help you make the best possible decision, we’ll take a look at both Bose and Beats and help you figure out which brand might be better suited to your needs.


Bose puts out a lot of great headphones. Here are some of the key pros and cons to consider if you’re looking to buy Bose headphones.

Holding Bose Headphones in Hand


Better price - When you’re looking at the higher end models, you’ll notice that Bose tend to be more affordable than Beats. And the quality is still very high. You won’t always find something quite as stylish as a Beats headphone but if that’s not high on your list of priorities, it’s worth going with Bose to save a little bit of cash and still get great quality.

Durable - Bose uses high quality materials and manufacturing that is meant to last. So if you take care of your Bose headphones, they will be with you for years.

Sound quality - Bose achieved its fame by delivering quality. They offer different headphones that are capable of different sound frequencies so you can choose based on your music genre. As a general rule, their headphones for high and middle frequencies are the most popular but they do have some great bass headphones as well.

Innovative - The Bose brand is synonymous with innovation. If you want to find the latest in headphone tech and the coolest new features, Bose is a great brand to turn to as they are always looking for new ways to make better headphones that do more.

Woman Listening to Music with Bose Headphones


Less stylish - While you’ll definitely see some sleek, good looking designs. Bose is, on average, more about functionality than looks. Beats is the way to go if you want something that looks as good as it sounds.

High end models are better than their low end - This is true of every brand, of course. But with Bose, you’ll often see a significant gap between their cheap lines and their high end line. If you’re going with Bose, you should be going because you already plan on investing in high end headphones. On the upside, their higher end models do tend to be more affordable than comparable high end Beats models.

Final Verdict

Bose is a great band if functionality and price are more important than style. It’s also the best option for those who plan to primarily listen to rock, pop, or other music genres that require great highs and mids.


Beats is a very popular brand especially among those who listen to rap, hip hop, reggae, electronic music or other bass heavy music. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind if you’re shopping for a pair of Beats headphones:

Beats Headphones


Sound quality. Beats have developed a loyal fan base mainly because of their bass headphones which deliver amazing sound quality for the hard to achieve lower frequencies. This is essential for those who listen to bass heavy music genres.

Durable. The high end models use quality materials that will last a long time. This is especially true of their studio quality headphones that are meant to offer the same level of quality as professional headphones.​

Man Listening to Music with Beats Headphones


More expensive. For the most part, Bose tends to offer the same level of quality for a lower price. Of course, the Bose aren’t always as stylish but if that’s a lower priority for you, it’s not a problem.

​Not always as comfortable as Bose for long term wearing. While they are very comfortable and definitely better than cheap headphones in this area, some models can start to feel uncomfortable after you’ve been wearing them for a long time. This isn’t a problem for every single model. But, on average, Bose tends to put out the more comfortable headphones.

Final Verdict

While Beats tend to be on the pricier side, they will last a long time if you take proper care of them. They are also the best option for those who want to use their headphones to enjoy hip hop, rap, reggae, electronic music, or other bass heavy genres.

Final Word

In the end, both brands have a lot to offer. If you’re looking for high quality headphones that provide amazing sound quality (especially when it comes to bass), you could find great options from both brands. One of the key deciding factors here will be the music you want to listen to.

Girl Listening Music with Headphones

While Bose does have some great options for bass headphones, you are going to have an easier time finding great bass headphones if you go with Beats. Alternatively, if you’re planning to listen to rock or pop, you’ll find many more options from Bose that deliver the great highs and mids you need for these music genres.