Are you ready for the new Beats Studio 3 Wireless ?

Are you ready for the new Beats Studio 3 Wireless ?

In the headphone market these days, there are certain brands that receive more attention than most.

It has been a year since Sony came out with their release of the MDR1000X and no other headphone announcement has attracted as much buzz since .

Until last week .

It has been 4 years since Beats by dre have announced their newly designed Studio line headphones , and finally , the next has come . 

Besides that price , what has changed ?

350$ is not a small price to pay , especially when nothing really " looks " different .

However , it is the inside that matters .

* Equipped with Apple's W1 chip 

* Pure adaptive noise canceling ( pure ANC ) 

* Class 1 Bluetooth 

* Improved battery life .



With this installed, it means you can pair the headphones with iPads, Macs, and iPhones within seconds.

As long as the Apple device supports W1, the battery should run for 22 hours when connected and the ‘low power mode’ even extends this to 40 hours.

Compared to the latest models from Sony and Bose, 22 hours is a little stronger and should be noticeable for all users.

Pure ANC

Of course, noise cancellation isn’t exactly a new feature for Beats or the industry in general but they have redesigned the way in which the feature is implemented.

Previously, the level of noise cancellation was fixed but Beats has gone for a more adaptive approach in what they call ‘Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC).

By continually assessing your surroundings and the level of noise, the strength of cancellation will adjust accordingly.

For example, the strength should be much higher on a train than in a quiet library.

In a recent interview, a representative from Beats said that it takes as little as five seconds to adjust to your surroundings which means you don’t have to make adjustments manually and your experience is optimized regardless of where you are.

This, coupled with the W1 chip, could just bring headphones into 2017 and beyond in terms of accessibility and usability.

From here, it will be interesting to see what happens in the market and whether the competitors will use this launch as a signal to speed up development on their own new designs.

 Improved battery life

Exactly like the Solo 3 Wireless , the Studio 3 will be equipped with a 40 hour battery life (which is insane compared to others in the market) .

Another cool feature will able you to charge the headphones when their battery is low for 10 minutes which will give an extra 3 hours of listening time , perfect for when you just forgot to charge them but you need to head for a workout .

New colorways 

Beats studio 3 wireless

The new Studio 3.0 Wireless will be coming out with 2 new colors and a little change in the old colors .

The old popular Black matte remains the same , but the Red and Blue get their own matte finish this time , making it a much darker color that fits today's fashion much more than what it did in 2013 .

New editions in Shadow Gray and Porcelain Rose ( Last 2 on the right ) look amazing we must say , and we are going to call a bet that the Shadow Gray is definitely going to be the most popular of them all .


We must say , when hearing the news we were anxious to know , what about Earpads ???

Fortunately , Beats and Apple decided to remain with the extremely comfortable and bass accommodating Earpad design from the previous 2.0 model .

That means that every replacement cushion for Studio 2.0 on our website will also fit the new Studio 3.0 , and we can't wait to see how our customers will combine colors and designs with the new cool colorways the Beats released .

We are definitely going to work on some special designs that will match the new colorways (especially the Shadow Gray ) , stay tuned for more of that to come !