5 Hacks to keep your headphones ( And cushions ) happy :)

5 Hacks to keep your headphones ( And cushions ) happy :)

We want to ensure you get the absolute most possible enjoyment from the Wicked Cushions you have recently purchased. So, we compiled our top tips & info into this post for you!

Be it Beats by dre,Sony,Bose or Audio Technica,they all have the same things in common,and following these steps will make sure you will be able to enjoy them for longer.

Tip Number 1

You’ve probably heard that cranking up your music volume hurts your eardrums, but did you know it may also harm your headphones? The same ear-damaging distortion can degrade your headphone’s delicate components too, just like it could with a large speaker.

So , protect your headphones from popping & crackling by not cranking it up too loudly ( Our suggestion- one level below max should be your new max ) then you will enjoy studio quality sound for the life of your headphones.

Tip Number 2

Another SUPER easy tip for keeping your earpads happy when you don’t have the time to clean them properly is to use gentle baby wipes or hand wipes to give them a quick antibacterial wipe between use.

Even if you do not workout , you still sweat while wearing your headphones.

Tip Number 3

Store your headphones in the case provided, as this protects them while allowing the leather to breathe. Don’t store other items in the case and avoid leaving in direct sunlight, or extremes of heat and cold. This also minimizes their exposure to dirt & bacteria.

Tip Number 4

Use a dry cleaning cloth to smooth away dust, sweat and grease. Do not use aerosol sprays, solvents or abrasive cleaners. If you need to remove stubborn dirt, doing so with a mild, gentle soap and dampen a lint-free cloth with a little warm water, will keep them looking as new for many months. Using an old dry toothbrush can also help dislodge dirt & grime. A quick wipe after each use is best; so, we recommend a microfiber cloth being kept in your case

Tip Number 5

Although our leather is dry-crack resistant, a little moisturizer will help maintain its suppleness for longer, especially when stored in dry or harsh conditions for long periods. Once or twice a year, treat your ear cushions to a special leather conditioner by massaging it into the leather, using small amounts & letting it absorb completely before reusing