Replacement Ear Pads For Audio Technica ATH M-SERIES ( Fits Several Other Headphones As Well ) - Red Camo - Wicked Cushions

Replacement Ear Pads For Audio Technica ATH M-SERIES ( Fits Several Other Headphones As Well ) - Red Camo

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***Package Contains A Pair***

WALKTHROUGH INSTALLATION: Detailed, step-by-step video will guide you through removing your old Audio Technica ath m-50 ear pads and installing the new replacements - making the entire process short and pain-free

LONGER USE & SUPERIOR COMFORT: Professional-grade protein leather is designed for long-term, crack-free durability. Ear comfort to the point of forgetting the headphones are even on! These extra thick pads are specifically designed for long-term comfort with ATH m50 / m50x headphones.

ENHANCED SOUND: The ear-conforming fit is due to a soft memory foam cushioning which isolates sound perfectly from your environment while enhancing every beat that comes through your headphones .

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: 180 days of secured use! If you're not happy, simply return these pads for a full, no-questions asked refund. For us , this is not a sprint , its a marathon . We will back all of our customers even after the 180 days of warranty. We're always willing to listen to your concerns! So please do not hesitate for a moment to contact us .

FITS SEVERAL OVAL SHPED HEADPHONES : While these ear pads are made to specifically to fit the Audio technical M series , it does not stop them from fitting several other headphone brands such as : Sony MDR , Shure SRH , Fostex , Monoprice , Takstar . For a full list , read our description below .


While this are perfectly designed for the Audio technica ATH M series , it will not stop these bad boys from fitting several of the most popular headphones on the market , such as :


Audio Technica ATH-M50 / ATH-M50x / ATH-M30x's / MSR7NC / ATH-A900X / ATH-AD900X / ATH-900 / ATH-M40x / ATH-R70x / BPSH1 / ATH-M40FS / ATH-PRO700 / ATH-AD700x

Takstar HI 2050 and Pro 80

Ultrasone HF 580

Sony MDR-ZX770BN / MDR-V700 / V900 / 7506 / V6

Monoprice 8323

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