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How To Replace Your Bose QuietComfort Ear Cushions

How To Replace Your Bose QuietComfort Ear Cushions

Today we are going to teach you how to replace your Bose QC (QuietComfort) headphone cushions. These Cushions fit many of the Bose QC models (See the compatibility document below for more information).


1. Pull out the existing cushion

The way that the ear pads are connected is with a series of hooks. There are 8 hooks surrounding the ear pad.





2. Pull out the foam screen mat

A lot of sweat and debris gets scattered in this foam screen mat and it doesn’t do its job anymore. Simply peel it away.



3. Peel the new adhesive

Pull out your replacement cushion from wicked cushions. In the package you get a cushion and a replacement ear pad for each side. Now simply peel the adhesive on the foam screen mat.



4. Attach the foam screen mat

Now simply attach the foam screen mat inside the ear cup!





5. Notice the 8 hooks around the ear cup

After you have attached the new foam mat, notice that you have 8 hooks around the entire headphone cup, these hooks are what attach to your headphone cushion.



6. Notice the elastic ring that holds the earpad

You see the ring that holds the ear pad is quite flexible. You want to put them inside the hooks, there are 8 hooks inside the ear cup.


7. Attach the ear pad

Take the ear pad and put it under the first hook. After the first hook the remaining are easy. Follow the ear cup around and push until you hear a click. That’s it! They are firmly in place, they wont fall off, and in less than 5 minutes you have a brand new pair of headphones for more details watch the video below!

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